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Commissions Open!

Sat Apr 1, 2017, 11:12 AM
Hello, everyone! Commissions are now open!
As always, thank you for considering my art for your next commission! Please refer to the information below for pricing and examples of my work. 
Note that all prices are USD.


Flat Color Sketches - starting at $12
These are basic sketches with your choice of one color used for the entire drawing. 
Colored Sketch - $12 
(+$5 per extra character.) 

¾ Body Busts - starting at $18
These are inked works of your character(s) that are from the knees or thighs up. Flat colors are included! 
Basic ¾ Body Bust - $18 
Shaded ¾ Body Bust - $25 
(+$8 per extra character.) 

Full Body - starting at $28
These are full body drawings that are inked and colored with flats and can feature more complex poses. 
Basic Full Body - $28 
Shaded Full Body - $35 
(+$15 per extra character.) 

Note: I will charge a minimum of $5 for complex additions to your commission (e.g., guns, armor, wings, etc..) 


  • xxThatoneguyxx
  • ShepettanPride
Terms of Service

- Payment is upfront through PayPal in USD. 
- Do NOT send me money before I ask you to. I will send an invoice to your email via PayPal. 
- No complex backgrounds; a simple background color or a textured background is free with your commission! 
- I will require visual references including, but not limited to, previous art of your character(s), poses for reference, and/or any ref sheets available for your character(s). Textual references are fine in addition to visual references, but I ask that you are clear and concise in your wording from the start. 

What I will draw: OCs, fanart, humans, anthros/furries/scalies, feral animals, monsters, simple robots, pinups, nudity. 
What I will NOT draw: Any complex mechs, intercourse of any kind, or extreme fetishes. 

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I'm quiet and shy but please don't hesitate to talk to me! Illustration and concept design is my dream job and I accept commissions in order to save up for Art College of Design tuition!

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If I can recall correctly, you are moving today?

Hope everything goes well, best of luck! ^^
Eliotak Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I'm just going back to Arizona for a college semester, and then hopefully moving to New York next year!
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Welp, best of luck! I bet Arizona is cooler then where I am currently lively. I can take dry heat over sweltering humidity any day D:

And I take it my commission will be delayed? If so, no sweat! Get settled in to your new surroundings before tackling the colors :>
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